Ben Saunders is BACK in the UFC, with Titan FC blessing

Thursday, August 07, 2014

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!! 😀

From: Ben Saunders
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It's Official I am back in the UFC!!!!   I wanna Thank Jeff and Lex of Titan FC for letting me go pursue my dreams! They really live up to their slogan ” Fans, Fighters, First “

I made a promise to myself when I was released by the UFC in 2010 that I would not stop and would not quit until I made it back. I have done nothing since then but train my ass of to improve my skill-set knowing that one day I would accomplish this goal. I am so happy to announce with great pride that if you believe in something and pursue it with everything you got….  it can be achieved! I am living proof of this!  🙂

Saunders had been scheduled to fight Matt Riddle for the inaugural Titan FC welterweight title on Aug. 22. Then Riddle was injured by long-time UGer Jose Landi-Jons. Then Pele ran into visa issues. And then the UFC came calling.

Titan FC COO Lex McMahon magnanimously allowed Saunders to break his contract. Titan contract contain a UFC clause allowing fighters to move up, but it does not apply if the fighter has a fight scheduled less than 30 days away. That was the case here, but McMahon waived it anyway.

“We wish Ben all the best,” said McMahon to Ariel Helwani for MMAFighting. “No one is a bigger Ben Saunders fan than me, and I want him to see him do great in the UFC. Our motto will always be, 'Fans, Fighters First.''

Mike Ricci vs. George Sotiropoulos has replaced the Saunders fight as the main event at Titan FC 29 card on Aug. 22, live on CBS.