Benson Henderson and his mom enter BJJ tourney

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson’s Korean-born mother Song got him into martial arts by signing him up for Taekwon Do lessons at an early age. Now, at 4′ 9″ tall and over 50 years old, the mother has followed her son, into BJJ. Song Henderson is not just taking lessons, but actually competed at the 8th Arizona Open Jiu-Jitsu International on Saturday.

“My mama’s 1st ever #BJJ (any kind of) competition, from this past weekend,” tweeted Henderson. “This 4’9″, 50+ year old Korean lady inspires the crap outta me everyday…earned herself a standing ovation and bronze medal too…she was nervous as crap but pulled thru like a #Champ. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?”

 MProctorBJJ Michael Proctor
@BensonHenderson Mama Smooth right back at it after her first competition! #bjj #bjjtacoma

Henderson too competed at the event, besting Christian Broadnax in the brown belt division.