Benson Henderson defeats Josh Thomson by split decision in FOX 10 main event

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The UFC on FOX 10 main event featured a lightweight title between Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson and was supposed to determine the next number one contender.

Josh “The Punk” Thomson Vs. Ben “Smooth” Henderson
Name Josh Thomson Josh Thomson
Height 5′ 10″ (177.8 cm)
Weight 155 (70.31 kg)
Record 20-5-1
Team American Kickboxing Academy


Name Ben Henderson Ben Henderson
Height 5′ 9″ (175.26 cm)
Weight 175 (79.38 kg)
Record 18-3-0
Team The Lab
-Ben Henderson defeated Josh Thomson by Split Decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-26)