Better shot versus Silva, Bisping or Stann?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bisping obviously doesn’t have the clinch work or wrestling chops to match Silva. Silva’s weakness is defensive wrestling, but Bisping does not have the offensive wrestling to drag the champion down.

So his game plan would be to stay on the outside and try to win a technical striking battle. That strategy will get him knocked out within two rounds.

Stann is like Dan Henderson, minus the fact that he lacks the offensive wrestling chops. He has extremely powerful hands and underrated technique.

Getting into a striking battle, though dangerous, would be Stann’s best option. Silva is powerful and accurate, but Stann has the jaw-rattling, one-punch knockout power to put anybody away.

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Editor’s Note: This is one author’s opinion. What say you UG? If this bout does in fact determine the number one contender, who do you think has the better shot to dethrone champion Anderson Silva?