‘Big’ John McCarthy responds directly to Pavelich’s accusations

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From: BJM
Posted: 4/18/11 11:54 PM
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I was told by a friend about this post so I looked it up and see that there needs to be some clarity and truth added to it. This whole thing stems from a letter written by Dale Kliparchuk and Brian Beauchamp back in the beginning of March trying to show that Beauchamp should be working at the UFC in Toronto. Dale use to run the commission at River Cree where Pavelich ran a majority of his MFC shows. Dale has recently been removed from his position and is no longer part of any commission. Brian attempted to have many MMA news and media people publish his letter saying that Ken Hayashi of the Ontario Commission was forcing promoters to use referees from outside of his province and that those referees were charging the promoters whatever they wanted. Part of the statement was true and part was false. Key Hayashi and his commission are new to MMA and he decided to use officials that have years of experience refereeing for the first few shows in Ontario so there would be less chance of anything going wrong and giving someone a chance to complain about MMA in Ontario instead of putting young inexperienced officials into pressure situations and possibly having a problem. So yes Mr. Hayashi decided to use referees like Dan Mirigalotta, Herb Dean, Josh Rosenthal and I from the U.S. and Yves Lavigne and Jerin Valel from Canada. All of these referees are making whatever the commission pays for the event, because it is the commission that is assigning the referee to the show. Ken has several people that I have personally instructed ready and willing to step in and begin refereeing and judging in the province, but he first wanted to ease them in slowly, so he has assigned them to the shows as inspectors and other commission assignments getting them use to being part of a team and understanding all of the elements associated with the sport and putting on a successful MMA show.

Brian Beauchamp is trying to tell people that he is the most experienced referee in Canada, or possibly second behind Yves Lavigne. It is totally false since Brian has refereed for approximately 2 to 3 years. There are many referees in Canada that have much more experience than Brian, but if you tell people a lie long enough they start to believe it. Referees like Vern Gorman, John Braak, Elvis Lyon, Tony Williamson, Jerin Valel, Adam Cheadle and Kevin Dornan could easily say they have much more experience then Brian, and none of them would be lying.

As far as “Celebrity Referees,” that is a line used by Dale and Brian in their letter and now they have talked Mark Pavelich into using the same line. I have worked one MFC show and was not paid by Pavelich for working the show. I was paid by the Enoch Nation which owns River Cree. If I have a promoter contact me about working their show it is my right to ask for whatever fee I feel is fair. Most of the time that promoter is using my name to help promote their show and I should be compensated for that because it goes beyond the normal scope of the job. Now they are using you to help possibly sell tickets. If a commission contacts me and asks me to work a show for them I accept whatever fee the commission pays. Have I ever made $10,000 to work a show, No. I have made different amounts of money throughout my career. Last night I worked a show and made $280 for the night. This entire thing is about Brian being a person that wants to be a referee in the UFC. Someday he may attain that goal, but he is not close to being ready yet. although he believes he is.

Mark Pavelich does not ever have to pay for a referee or official other than one assigned by an athletic commission at the rate that the commission pays their officials. All commissions are different, but if Mark wants to have a Herb Dean, Dan Miragilotta or John McCarthy work his event at his request, then they should be able to say how much their services are worth. If he does not like the price then he does not have to hire them, because nobody is forcing him to. Hope you appreciate the truth. I do not hide behind screen names you know who I am. I wish this could be said of everyone.

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