Bigfoot: Thiago Silva is mentally sick, pulls his friend’s leg

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shortly after Thiago Silva knocked out Rafael Cavalcante at UFC on FUEL TV 10, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva called him out via Twitter, despite their last weigh ins being a 265 and 205 respectively.

“Thiago weighs 105kg (230 lbs), he’s a heavyweight and has to drop weight,” said Bigfoot. “We have an issue to be solved, so he could accept to fight me at heavyweight.”

At the post fight press con, Thiago Silva responded.

“He must be sad because I left American Top Team,” said Thiago, adding “but if he wants to fight me he has to come down to 205. That’s it.”

Thiago went further, speaking to Brazilian media

“I would fight him whenever he wants,” said Thiago. “I trained with Bigfoot for three years. Ask him what he ever did to me. He was beaten like a little dog.

“Tell that big fool to come over here then we will see what’s what. For me it’s OK but, he talks a lot that guy, he is stupid. I don’t like him at all. Anytime he wants, man, especially if its for money! We can even do it for free, let’s go.”

Given that Bigfoot cuts to make 265, he would legimately have cut cut off a leg, and then cut really hard. The average human’s leg is 15.7% of total body weight, in Bigfoot’s case that would be a little over 40 lbs, say 45 lbs, as his feet are really big. That would put him at around 220, which makes 205 conceivable. Of course, then, he would be a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Thiago Silva left ATT for the Blackzilians, a potential source of the beef. However, Bigfoot too left ATT, for Team Nogueira.

As unlikely as the required cuts would be, in an interview with Eduardo Cruz from Fighters Only, Bigfoot says he is consulting with a doctor about the feasibility of meeting at 205.

Eduardo Cruz: What has motivated you to call Thiago Silva out?

Bigfoot Silva: I had so much respect and consideration for him at one time. Besides being a good training partner, I had him as a friend. When he had a problem at ATT, I was the only one who was on his side until the end.

I used to visit his house and he did mine, I was something of a brother to him and he simply stabbed me in the back and cheated me. He said I’m upset because he left ATT, but he knows its not because of that why I’m mad.

EC: He stated that he will accept the fight if you drop weight. What do you make of his answer?

BF: I thought he was a coward. Many fighters perform at different weight classes, for example Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. I personally will attend the doctors to see if I am able to lose weight without spoiling my health. If can do it, I will drop weight to make this fight for sure.

EC: If you bumped into Thiago in person now, what would you have to say?

BF: Nothing. All I want to do is just fight him because words won’t make him change. He’s mentally sick, we’re completely different people. I am a family guy – I respect my father, mother, wife, I treat my friends well, without pulling their legs, and I don’t take drugs.

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