Bigfoot blames UFC-hired doc for postive test

May 9, 2014

Despite being approved for a testosterone replacement regime, Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva failed his post-fight drug test after his fight with Mark Hunt.

Silva recently spoke out about his positive test, blaming the doctor who administered his TRT for improperly dosing him:

Silva blamed Dr. Marcio Tannure, the medical director of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA), for testing positive following his fight with Hunt. He said he would sue the doctor, but decided to drop the case.

"I had two lawyers taking care of that, but unfortunately he was hired by the UFC," "Bigfoot" said. "He’s not only the CABMMA doctor now, but also UFC’s doctor in Brazil, so I can’t fight against my employer. I can’t risk losing my job for that.

"I had videos showing him injecting (TRT) on me, I had emails and everything, but I had to give up on that."

Silva won’t be able to continue his testosterone replacement therapy after the Nevada State Athletic Commission and CABMMA banned the treatment, but he found out later it would be for the best.

"After the suspension, I went to two endocrinologists and they told me I should thank God that I was suspended," he said. "They said that if I continued taking the dosage (of hormone) Dr. Tannure told me to, I would have liver cancer in a year."

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