Bigfoot ‘highly interested’ in facing Cain Velasquez again

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

“My emotions did help me get the KO,” said Silva about his third round knockout of Alistair Overeem at UFC 156 on Saturday. “Emotions always help. It’s always a good thing. You can’t allow your emotions to take over your body and spoil your strategy and training, but it’s always a good thing to channel emotions toward a positive outcome. What you saw after the KO was simply a pouring out of bottled up feelings. I told him to get up, but in no way would I attack him while he was down.”

Silva said the ill will did not always exist between the two.

“Back then, there was zero problem,” Silva said of the days both were in the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament’s semifinals. “We got along great. We always chatted with no problem before. It was only during the run-up to our fight that he started behaving like this. I don’t know what happened. I was somewhat surprised by his recent behavior. We never had any beef before. He changed. I don’t know what happened to him, or if it was the influence of other people, for this to take place.”

“Many athletes try to create drama, but what fans really appreciate, and what gets us more fans and more work, is how we perform inside the cage during the fight. For example, Cain Velasquez is a great athlete who does not speak poorly of anyone. Same thing with Georges St-Pierre and Antonio ‘Minotauro’. These fighters don’t need to badmouth anyone to be successful.”

“I am highly interested in facing Cain Velasquez again. He’s a great champion. He’s a great person – very humble. When we first faced off, I didn’t get much of a chance to fight. He had the right strategy. He has a great team guiding him. His strategy worked. My forehead was cut open few seconds into the fight. I was struggling to try to see. I wasn’t having any success. So I was left knowing I could have done better. I have nothing personal against Velasquez.”

“I am a UFC employee, so I don’t choose my opponents. My job is to train, stay healthy physically and mentally, and show my best in the cage. If I could choose, I would pick Cain. But it’s up to the UFC to pick my opponent. I’ll do whatever my boss decides. And of course, every fighter has to travel a certain gauntlet of opponents and write his own history. That’s how Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez did it.

“So if I must face others, I simply ask that I get to face the best opponents.”

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