Bill to regulate ammy MMA in MI house has hearing today

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Michigan currently regulates professional MMA, but not amateur. Given that there are more amateur than professional fights, and that amateurs, being amateur, are more vulnerable to unscrupulous promoters, the need for regulation at all levels is pressing.

Opponents say regulations would mean steep costs for promoters and hurt the businesses.

A hearing is scheduled Tuesday morning before the Regulatory Reform Committee.

A Michigan state house committee meeting is expected to draw dozens of Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

State Representative Harvey Santana says there are amateur Mixed Martial Arts events being staged in Michigan every weekend. And he says the way many bouts are staged puts fighters at serious risk.

Santana recalls recently watching an overmatched MMA fighter lose badly.

“Two fights later somebody doesn’t show up and who do you think comes out of the locker room to fight again…that same guy,” recalls Santana, “This time, he fights a guy with a superior record….and he gets knocked out cold in 30 seconds.”

Santana’s bill would regulate amateur MMA bouts, mandate at least $10,000 in insurance for medical and hospital expense,s and require a medical professional to be there just in case.

A similar bill passed the state house in the last legislative session, but died in the state senate.

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