Bisping & Rockhold at it again on Twitter

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Michael Bisping is a guy that seems to get under people's skin and previously has gone back and forth with fellow middleweight Luke Rockhold. Tonight they both picked it back up and have been going at it pretty good on Twitter:

@bisping: I remember @LukeRockhold calling me out. Maybe after his fight on Saturday we can settle this??

@LukeRockhold: I recall @Bisping telling me to win a fight before calling him out! Hmmmm

@bisping: ?@LukeRockhold I've won many fights. 

@LukeRockhold: ?@bisping me too and Tim was one of them

@bisping: ?@LukeRockhold so now after calling me out all that time you don't want to actually back it up? Yeah thought so.

@LukeRockhold: ?@bisping I'm never opposed to #easymoney but first I have business sat. I'm out

@bisping: @LukeRockhold well best of luck. Maybe we talk after Saturday.