Bisping: Belcher is just ‘some retard from Mississippi’

Friday, April 26, 2013

At yesterday’s UFC 159 media event Michael Bisping talked about the build up to his fight with Alan Belcher at UFC 159 and explained why there hasn’t been as much trash talk in the media for this fight. Bisping, in his mind at least, believes that nobody was interested in his bout with Belcher:

“Nobody’s been asking because nobody’s interested in Alan Belcher,” he said. “So that’s the reason I haven’t talked so much. But now we’re here and there’s an opportunity to talk, and I’m certainly not shy about talking. But my phone wasn’t going every day because I was fighting some retard from Mississippi.”

A little crude and a little harsh? Perhaps.

But Bisping simply isn’t on board with Belcher being in the same league as he is – tough he did acknowledge his opponent brings some wagons to the table.

“I know I’m going to win. It’s as simple as that,” Bisping said. “This is very different from fighting Rashad Evans or Vitor Belfort or something like that. Alan Belcher, OK? A bit different, guys.

“He’s a good fighter. He is. He does all the necessary things you’ve got to do to be successful in the UFC. He’s been in the UFC almost as long as I have. Of course I’ve prepared accordingly. But he’s been fighting a very different level of competition.”

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