Bisping: Belfort ‘has the heart of a chicken’

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

 I’m looking forward to going to Brazil. I was there for just a few days before Christmas doing PR for this fight. I shook Vitor’s hand and we had a laugh about how at UFC 152 we were around each other quite a lot and got along great – and now we are fighting. It happens a lot in the UFC but it’s always a little strange.

I noticed he looked HUGE. Massive arms, chest and shoulders – a body for posing down at the beach – but then I noticed these little chicken legs sticking out of his arse. I thought: “He has the upper body of a lion but the legs of a chicken”.

And – now we are this close to the fight – I will say that he has heart of a chicken, too. He’s a professional bully. If you let him have his way he will rip you apart in short order, but if you fight back and get him tired, he backs down and does basically nothing.

I’ve already seen this in him. In Brazil, we didn’t do a formal press conference but, instead, I was in one room talking to Brazilian media and Belfort was in the next room doing interviews at the same time. I’d just given interviews talking about what a great challenge this was  when one media guy said: “Wait, Vitor just described you as a hooligan and a thug.”

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