Bisping: I’m going to kick [Munoz’s] ass

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

MIchael Bisping will square off with Mark Munoz on October 26th in London and the British middleweight is never shy of voicing exactly how he’s going to win, as he did on tonight’s episode of UFC Tonight:

Michael Bisping on his upcoming fight with Mark Munoz: “He’s a great wrestler, but I think he’s one dimensional. Anybody who refers to themselves as having a Donkey Kong style, I refuse to lose to. I’m far too skilled for him. He’s going to try to take me to the ground and use these stupid punches that he throws. He’s very powerful and I’m not underestimating him. He’s a very accomplished wrestler. Listen, I’m going to punch him in the face repeatedly and eventually he’s going to fall down. On October 26, I’m going to kick his ass, and no one’s even going to think about him anymore. If they thought he was depressed before, on October 27, the day after the fight, he’s going to be really more depressed then.”