Bisping: I’m not in the FBI, but Belfort drug test makes you go hmmmm

Thursday, March 27, 2014

No one in mixed martial arts has been as poorly served by the use and abuse of Testosterone Replacement Therapy as has UFC middleweight Michael Bisping. Three times he has lost to fighters on TRT:

Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort • Loss • UFC on FX: Bisping vs. Belfort • KO at 1:37 of Round 2.
Michael Bisping vs.Chael Sonnen • Loss • UFC on FOX 2: Evans vs. Davis • Decision Unanimous Decision.   
Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson • Loss • UFC 100 • Loss • KO at 3:20 of Round 2.    

When the Nevada State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to ban TRTBisping expressed suspicions that Vitor Belfort would find a way around on the prohibition.

On Feb 7, the NSAC administered a surprise test to Belfortat the 2013 World MMA Awards. The results of the test have been received by the NSAC, by the UFC, and by Belfort. No one is telling what they do or don't show.

Had Belfort applied for a license to fight, the NSAC would have been at liberty to disclose the results. But he did not apply, and they thus are legally prohibited from making the results public. Belfort himself could release the results of the test, but has not done so.

Kevin Iole writing for Yahoo Sports reached out to Belfort's attorney, Neal Tabachnick  about the test results.

Kevin Iole: Did the test that Vitor took on Feb. 7 come back with an elevated T/E ratio?

Neal Tabachnick: The test is not relevant as Vitor is not applying for a license to fight in Nevada at this time. The reason for Zuffa replacing Vitor with Lyoto for the May 2014 middleweight championship bout was because of the Commission's change in direction on TRT/TUE. Zuffa felt that with this change at the Commission, there is no time for Vitor to drop his TRT program, secure a license for a May 2014 bout and leave Zuffa with time to properly promote the bout.

KI: Was Vitor on TRT at the time he took that Feb. 7 test?

NT: Yes, under a doctor's care.

Prior to the outright ban, the NSAC did not condone the use of TRT by a fighter prior to an application for a TUE, even if one had been granted by another AC.

Thus it is possible that Belfort was in violation of NSAC requirements even before he applied, therefore could not apply for the license, and thus withdrew from the fight with Wiedman that he had been advocating so hard for over the past year.

However, until or if Belfort releases the results, this is just speculation, and it may remain thus forever.

However, UFC middleweight Michael Bisping was recently interviewed by MMAJunkie and offered speculation of his own.

“You know, I am not an FBI agent, but the guy did a drugs tests in Nevada recently, and all of a sudden, he's not fighting for the title anymore,” said Bisping. “You know, ummmmm … put the pieces together. Anyway, so let's not dwell upon that, the whole TRT thing — it's been, it's gone, it's done, it's dusted.

“So Vitor's out for a while, who's next? I've been a perennial contender for a long time. I think I deserve it.”

Bisping fights Tim Kennedy at the FOX Sports 1-televised TUF Nations Finale on April 16.