Bisping: Rockhold is a f@$%ing @$$#*!*

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Trash talk is taking over mixed martial arts. Mike Bohn recently conducted an extensive interview for MMAJunkie with Michael Bisping that centered not on Bisping's next opponent Cung Le, but rather on Luke Rockhold. Rockhold is recovering from a broken toe, and can't even fight at present, but he and Bisping have been bickering bitterly on Twitter for over a month.

Rockhold reached a low point for the entire sport when he threatened to damage Bisping's other eye.

“If Bisping squeaks by (Cung Le), I’ll take him, take out his other eye,” said Rockhold to Bleacher Report. “Bisping came after me out of nowhere. I didn’t know where it came from this time. Even on ‘UFC Tonight,’ he went on a rampage talking about me and teenagers, pool parties and my little pinky toe.

“It’s not my fault the UFC hires me to go host a pool party and they don’t choose Bisping. The Bisping fight? That would be amazing. I would love to shut his mouth and get paid for it. I can’t imagine better things in the world, that would be nice.”

Bisping was not impressed.

“He’s a f—ing a–hole for calling me out constantly on Twitter,” said Bisping. “He’s tweeting me constantly, he’s looking for attention, and maybe he’s trying to build his Twitter followers. I’ve got nothing against the guy. He seems like a nice enough guy. He just needs to f—ing get over it. F—ing guy is getting on like a vagina.”

“I laugh my ass off; I sit there with my son laughing (at him. Luke Rockhold is going on again. He’s trying to build his Twitter followers by attacking me, and then I respond, and maybe he gets more followers. I don’t know. I don’t think about those things. He obviously does because he’s a f—ing kid going around to pool parties.”

“More power to him. I’ve got nothing against the guy. He’s doing well, so good for him. I’ve got nothing against anybody in the division. There’s nobody that I do dislike. I’m a family man, I’ve got three kids, and all I care about is my family and performing for them. Go out there, make as much noise as you can, earn as much money as you can, and kill it. Good for you. I’m on the same quest. We’re all trying to get ahead in life.”

“Luke Rockhold comes into the division, gets knocked out by Vitor, beats f—ing Tim Boetsch and Costas Philippou, and people are calling him the No. 1 contender? F— me, I’ve fought the who’s who. The top guys, on short notice, I’ve always been that guy. Maybe if I played it a little more f—ing cagey and picked my fights a little bit, I would have fought for the title a long, long time ago.

“I’m a real fighter. If you want to f—ing fight me, then do it, it’s as simple as that.”

Trash talk is going a little too far in the sport at present. In cooler news, Bisping's son Callum just got his yellow belt:

Michael Bisping fights Cung Le at UFC Fight Night 48 on Aug. 23 in Macau, live on UFC Fight Pass.