Bisping: Win over Belcher ‘in the bag’

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Michael Bisping would like nothing more than to erase the memory of his last knockout loss to Vitor Belfot. And the best way to do that, to make short work of Alan Belcher at this weekend’s UFC 159 in New Jersey. According to Bisping, the win over Belcher at this point is a foregone conclusion:

“…it gets me back in the mix for the title shot.  That’s what I want, and as long as there’s blood – sorry, life in my body – I will continue to try and get that title shot.  I’m a fighter.  I want to be the world champion, and I ain’t stopping until – as long as my body can do it, I’m going to keep trying,” said the 34-year-old Brit.

“A win over me for Alan Belcher will be by far the biggest win of his pathetic career,” he added, not believing in any way that it will happen.

Bisping’s confidence is high heading into the fight with Belcher.  On the call, he addressed Belcher directly, claiming the fight is all but over before it begins.

“Hey bro, I ain’t going to lose to you, man.  It’s in the bag.  All I got to do is – it’s a formality.  I just got to show up, slap your little face, take my check and go home.”

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