Bisping refutes greenlit at Roach’s Wild Card gym story

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For those who don’t know, being ‘greenlit’ in a gym is a term used when veteran skilled fighters go full speed and power on another person to teach them a lesson. This can happen to newer guys who aren’t sparring safe, or to experienced fighters who are just going to hard or piss of the wrong guy.

The rumor here, repeated by MiddleEasy is that Michael Bisping got a little too carried about sparring at Freddie Roach’s LA gym ‘Wild Card’ and they sent in a good professsional boxer who then knocked Bisping out:

Michael Bisping visited the Wild Card’s gym in Hollywood, CA to touch up on his stand-up for this upcoming fight against Mark Munoz. Apparently Bisping was going really hard in the ring and disrespecting his sparring partner, so a coach sent in a professional boxer to ‘spar’ with Bisping. Within minutes, this professional boxer knocked out Bisping as payback for disrespecting the Wild Card gym.

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However, Bisping adamantly and very credibly refuted the rumor. Unless Bisping was the only person in the gym, publicly denying that he was knocked out when he was would in this age of ubiquitous social networking bring immediate contradiction.

michael @bisping
Ok, so these liars at middle easy are saying I got ko’d at wild card gym. This is 100% not true. Now gfy middle easy and correct your story!

Michael Jackson ‏@The_MMA_Oracle
Were you knocked down by any sparring partners?

michael @bisping

@SuperCalo ‏@superCalo
bro they were just repeating what @timkennedymma told them!, its Tim you need to ask the question of.

michael @bisping
@superCalo @TimKennedyMMA hold on, the guy that bored everyone to death at UFC 162

michael @bisping
“Ok, so these liars are saying I got ko’d at wild card gym. This is 100% not true. I have never been ko’d sparring at wildcard gym, or in sparring ever. Recovering from eye surgery so haven’t sparred in a while.”