Bisping responds to $300k car bet, counters with Fiat 500

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Earlier this week, NFL lineman and friend of Alan Belcher, Wallace Gillberry put out a bet and challenge to Michael Bisping. His bet, that Belcher would knock Bisping out in the first round of Gillberry would give him his $300,000 Bentley if Bisping would put up something of similiar value.

Bisping, never the one to back down from a challenge, put out a video today responding to the bet:


Also after seeing this thread, Bisping himself added a little commentary about the video for his fans:

From: The Count
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glad you like the video guys. Had a fun time filming it. Gotta give a shout out to Rik Lee for filming it. Camp has just started, 8 weeks to go. Feel great.

Thanks for the positive comments, more to come!

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