Bisping still rallying for interim title in Belfort bout

Friday, November 23, 2012

Myself and Weidman are the No1 and No2 contenders to Anderson Silva’s middleweight title.

And, yep, in that damn order!

But Weidman is now out for up to six months and Anderson won’t be fighting until May – and even then it looks like it won’t be a middleweight title defense. According to my boss and their boss – Mr Dana F White – Anderson and GSP will have a super-fight in May and who knows what happens then? Anderson could win and then fight Jon Jones at light heavyweight in September and go the entire year – 18months and more – since defending the middleweight belt.

Or GSP could win or Anderson get hurt… the fight could even be moved to mid-summer for venue reasons… a million things could happen even when we get to May. Meanwhile, the middleweight division is in a complete holding pattern.

You know where I’m going with this… me vs Vitor Belfort in Brazil in January should be for the Interim Middleweight Title.

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