Bisping wants someone higher ranked than Kennedy

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Michael Bisping has been out for several months with a detached retina, and spent the time in light training, and heavier banter on Twitter.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
Hey @bisping you should keep your one good eye on me and get the other one healthy. 😉

michael ‏@bisping
Don’t start acting hard because you ko’d some random Brazilian. News flash, NO ONE GIVES A S—. If u want it. April, let’s go.*

michael ‏@bisping
Well it’s simple. Call the UFC and say u wanna fight me in April. Put your money where your mouth is big shot.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
Just remember you asked for this. I promise I won’t knee you while you are down, poke you in the eye or spit on you when it’s over.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
I don’t think I have earned a shot at any of the top guys. I think the @UFC should give me someone like @bisping

*The tweet was later deleted, with an explanation provided:
I sent a tweet earlier aimed at Tim Kennedy,” said Bisping. “in hindsight it was insulting to his opponent, for which I apologise and: have deleted my tweet.

“The Count” appeared Wednesday on UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1, and related some good news.

“I was at the doctors this morning, they’ve given me the green light to start proper training again,” said Bisping as transcribed by MMAFighting. “I’ve been running and lifting weights for awhile. Now I can get back in the gym and start working on a few things.”

“I can definitely fight around March or April next year.”

“I wouldn’t say there’s been back and forth with Tim Kennedy. I’d say there’s been Tim Kennedy chomping at the bit, trying to make a name for himself. he came over from Strikeforce, he’s had a couple wins over people I’ve never heard of, and he’s trying to get some notoriety. Of course, people like to call me out, I’m no stranger to that. Good for him.

“I’ve never turned down an opponent once, I’m not going to start with Tim Kennedy,. If that’s who the UFC wants, I’ll be happy to fight him. Myself personally, I would like someone ranked a little higher up the ladder, someone in the top five maybe. But it’s down to the UFC.”

Bisping continued that he would prefer a fight with Lyoto Machida or Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza.

What do you think UG? Who do you want to see Bisping fight? Kennedy, Machida, Jacare, or?