Blackburn Rovers owners allegedly owe SFL 1 mil+

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Blackburn Rovers Owners Allegedly Owe Super Fight League Fight Over 1.3 Million in Unpaid Sponsorship

News out of India is that the Super Fight League is owed over 1.3 million dollars from The Football Leagues’ Blackburn Rovers owners, through their business Venky’s Nutrition. The unpaid sponsorship dollars is in relation to Venky’s contractual commitment to sponsor Superfight Leagues SFL 1, 2 and 3 in 2012.  The million plus dollar commitment was in large part based on the friendship between SFL Chairman Sanjay Dutt and Blackburn Rover owner Balaji Rao.  These three events were some of the most expensive in SFL’s history bringing in UFC veterans Todd Duffee, Paul Kelley, Trevor Prangley, and other well known names like Bob Sapp, Bobby Lashley and James Thompson  .

A source close to The Super Fight League told The Times of India “Bala is close to Sanjay, who introduced Sanjay to his SFL partner Raj Kundra.”  It has been this introduction that has kept the SFL afloat.  Raj Kundra is a famous Entrepreneur and it is his capital that has filled in the holes created by Venky’s Nutrition’s non payment. 

According to reports, after Venky’s allegedly failed to pay the sponsorship money, the SFL team sent him gentle reminders. He was never really put under any kind of pressure to clear the dues, given his proximity to Sanjay, who continued to vouch for his friend’s commitment to the contract.

When TOI got in touch with SFL’s Raj Kundra, he said, “Bala is a very large-hearted and nice guy and friend but from a business standpoint, I can’t deny we have outstanding dues from Venky’s Nutrition.” There is no word from Blackburn Rovers owner Bala or Venky’s Nutrition. 

SFL seens to have been able to rebound nicely from such a large financial impact.  In 2013 they have returned with a new television deal reaching over 100 million homes on ESPN STAR Sports and they recently announced a new sponsorship with India PepsiCo’s brand Mountain Dew.

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