Bob Sapp: K-1, DREAM are ‘extremely broke’

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 “The No. 1 problem is that K-1 is extremely broke” said Bobb Sapp. “So is DREAM. They’re paying some fighters as early as in six months, and the other fighters, they’re just stiffing.”

Sapp also said current reports are just the tip of the iceberg in tallying fighters who haven’t been paid. He claims the promotion no longer occupies a formal office and has taken residence in the office of one of its advertising companies.

While Sapp has written off the purse he was supposed to receive (at the NYE DREAM Dynamite!! 2010), he said he wanted to speak out because he feels he has been unfairly blamed for the no-show.

“(Tanikawa said), ‘Bob walked out because his fighting spirit wasn’t good,'” Sapp said. “And I’m just like, ‘You know what? I’m done with all the talk about me. I’m done with them stiffing the fighters. I’m just done with it. I’ve seen too much. Start paying people to show up.'”

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