Braulio Estima gives his side of Nick Diaz camp shoving incident

Sunday, March 17, 2013

BJJ great Braulio Estima was in George St-Pierre’s corner Saturday night vs. Nick Diaz, and complained about treatment by Diaz and his corner after the fight.

Via Facebook.

Braulio Estima
near Montreal, Quebec via mobile

Today it was amazing Heorge did a great job full control the whole fight.

Unfortunately I got a very disappointing experience. After the fight went to shake hands with all the members from Nick Diaz, I wasn’t very welcomed by Diaz which I expected just wanted to give my respect for that fight as a martial artist.

Even Dana came to straight after and said thanks for not pushing back. I replied I would never ruin my friend GSP’s night for that guy.

But this wasn’t the bad news.

The bad news was how rude Kron Gracie was towards me when I was being so respectful and never ever came in a tone of disrespect even when he won battle with my own brother. Always had a sincere admiration for him specially because we have hanged out many times together and he is the son of one of my idols Rickson Gracie.

I got shocked today when he passed towards me after the post-fight conference together with Nick and Nate calling me names and stuff. Coming from Nick and Nate I can even understand and I don’t care but from Kron a guy that I considered a friend, a Bjj representative together with me, calling me “mother f—er “and to “watch out to do’nt get my ass kicked outside” was a bit over the top.

I just ignored as I’m having a blast tonight and he has been immature as many times in the past.

In a fight we win we lose and many people used a lot of talking to promote their fights. But fights over we are in the same level as human being. Shame on that incident pretty dam shocked. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THAT S—.

The animosity presumably comes from an incident last year Nick Diaz failed to show at a scheduled grappling superfight vs. Estima at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in Long Beach, Calif. At the time, Estima, who flew in from his homebase in the UK, was upset , and challenged Diaz to meet him in MMA.

Estima provided further details in an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“After the fight, when I saw everyone hugging each other and everyone talking to each other, I thought as a sportsman, it was my duty, like we all do, to show some respect. You know what I mean?

“Both warriors there – they put so much time into it and they did a big fight for the fans. Nick Diaz actually fought very good. I never met him before ever in my life and it was the first time that I ever saw him. I had shaken the corner man’s hands and when [Diaz] was coming in my direction. I stepped forward to shake his hand and he kind of pushed me on the side.

“I can’t control that. I can only do my part. I can only go there and show my respect and he just pushed me away. What can I do?

“Then, they said thanks to me for not pushing back, but then how can I even do that? To ruin the whole night of the beautiful night that was for GSP in his hometown. Everyone would be talking about that thing instead of the great victory he had.”

“With Kron, that was my biggest disappointment. Kron I consider him a friend of mine, beyond anything, we both represent BJJ. We hang out a lot together and he stayed in my academy and we trained together and we joke around and always laugh with each other.

“He coached Nick Diaz at the fight that was supposed to happen at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo last year, and we still talked and laughed after all that stuff. I felt he was kind of pushed back, he was like, ‘just get out of here, just go away.’ I felt let down because I admire him as a fighter and a friend.

“I got intrigued as to why, you know? When I was going to the locker room, there was a little bit, I tried for a second time. I said, ‘Kron, bro, listen, what’s going on man? Were friends.’ And then Nate Diaz was beside him and I felt the pressure, I mean they are friends. Nick Diaz was doing the urine test and Nate Diaz was there. And [Kron] says, ‘listen bro, just get out of here to don’t get things worse.’

“So, I left, I respect that. I said, ‘okay.’ This is not the problem. He is cornering two guys that must hate me for some reason. The problem is, I already let go of the situation and I stayed back with my team and then they passed, and they tried to trap me and, you know, Kron started talking Portuguese.

“He tells me, ‘man, you better watch out, you are going to get your ass kicked you motherf—er.’ I said, ‘what the hell?’ He knew I would never step forward to possible street fight with none of them. They know that. Especially there, I mean, we are here in Montreal. There are over a hundred fighters of the Tri-Star around me. If I step forward, do you think, what would happen? You know what I mean? If something happened, I know there would be some revenge at some point and I would never be comfortable to go to California to do BJJ fights.”

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