Bravo: I’ve wanted this rematch for 10 years

Monday, June 10, 2013

 Yesterday during the Metamoris 2 event it was announced that Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie would square off in a future event in a rematch of their famous 2003 ADCC bout. That jiu-jitsu match may be the single most talked about jiu-jitsu match in history and launched Bravo’s career as he was the first American to tap a Gracie in a tournament and the first person to ever tap Royler.

For some reason or another, the rematch has never come to fruition, but finally it seems as though the Metamoris promotion was able to get the deal done. Eddie spoke at the post-fight press conference about what the rematch means to him:

Eddie Bravo: You can’t predict fights, you know that. I know the only thing I can control is my training, how I approach the fight, and my strategy. I’m going to come at him hard. He’s a legend. For me to sit here and think ‘oh, I’m gonna beat him again’, that would be stupid. He can catch me, you know. Most people think I got lucky and he would nine out of ten times. I think that’s wrong, I think he’ll win six out of ten times. Not nine. And which one will this be, we’ll see.

Royler Gracie: A fight is a fight like everyone knows. You make a little mistake and he’s going to take advantage. Sometimes you don’t need to make a mistake and he catches you anyways. I try to do my best for the next one. I don’t like to my some…what happens is going to be, but for sure I’m going to give my 100%.

Eddie Bravo: Nobody had to convince me to do this. I’ve been wanting the rematch for the last ten years. I thought it would be great. I got lucky to go against a legend once. Most people, most lightweights, their dream was to go against Royler. I was lucky enough get pitted up against him. And I got lucky enough to win. And do have that happen again is amazing. In my eyes the rematch is something that jiu-jitsu fans would want to see. If Buster Douglas got a rematch with Mike Tyson, that is something I would want to see.”