Brittney Palmer no longer with UFC

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update: Dana White revealed that the UFC did not get rid of Brittney Palmer. It’s unsure if this means she is still with the company or that she simply quit.

@KylesTwitr we didn’t get rid of @brittneypalmer so quit listening to hack websites and fuckin relax.

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Today it was noted that there is no longer any mention of Brittney Palmer on the official UFC website. The UFC website features all it’s current ring card girls on their Octagon Girls page, as well as having individual pages for each girl.

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 Brittney herself has indicated that it may indeed be true, via Twitter:

Thanks for all the good luck wishes! I’m figuring it all out. Life is full of surprises. This will definitely keep me grounded. Over and out

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Brittney Palmer talks move to UFC