Bruce Buffer brand moving Dusters in Brazil

Thursday, May 01, 2014

In their last campaign in Brazil for the compact SUV Duster, French automobile giant Renault used Wanderlei Silva, Big Nog, Shogun, Lyoto Machida, and Anderson Silva. This time, IT'S TIME.

Top Brazilian ad agency Neogama/BBH selected the “Voice of MMA” Bruce Buffer as the face of their new campaign, and his signature “IT’S TIME!” catch-phrase as the defining focus of the marketing effort.

Buffer appears in unusual and challenging life-situations where regular people would need some extra motivation, like watching the birth of your child, or jumping off a cliff.

The ad ends with scenes of the characters driving their Dusters and the signature: “Renault Duster: if there is a challenge, we face it”.

“The idea is to associate Duster’s power, strength and versatility to the capacity of people to overcome challenges,” explains Alexandre Gama, CEO of Neogama/BBH. “Buffer’s catch-phrase brings the urgency sense for people to face their life challenges.”

Marcela Campos, the Renault executive behind the film, highlights the continuity of the campaign following MMA stars' appearance on the last campaign. “By choosing another MMA personality, we consolidate the positive associations we built last time.”

On the printed media there will also be the addition of big wave surfer Maya Gabeira and climber Waldemar Niclevicz. Gabeira’s advertise relates to her challenges facing giant waves, while Niclevicz’s image is climbing a very hard peak. Both pieces follow the same creative concept of the TV campaign, using Buffer’s trademark catch-phrase “IT’S TIME!”

Gratuitous image below of Gabeira surfing until waves seem to knock all of her clothes off. Yes, this has nothing to do with Renault or MMA. Could have something to do with Bruce Buffer tho…

Menacing wave at the moment before it strikes Gabeira:

Aftermath of the terrible accident:

Mercifully, she made it back to land, despite the buffeting: