Bruce Buffer poppin’ bottles n kissing models in Fighters Only

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The hard-core MMA fanbase has long understood that if you take:
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And you add:
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Then you get our very own:


It’s math.

However, the latest issue of Fighters Only reveales that a central element is missing from the above equation:

Buffer has famously missed only two UFCs in his 17 years with the company, but when the event is over, he doesn’t head for his hotel room to put in ear plugs and a sleep mask. Try late nights, fast women and fine dining.

Ahead of the launch of his brand-new autobiography, It’s Time! My 360° View of the Octagon, Buffer, goes on the record exclusively with Fighters Only about his little-known, James Bond-style private life.

One of the UFC’s longest serving employees, Buffer wasn’t handed his chance at the big time, he fought for it. Exactly how he did that, why he knew iconic Hollywood actor Steve McQueen, and how surfing and sex were his teenage kicks, are all explained to you by the man himself.

Issue hits the newsstands May 6th in the USA, and is in stands in the UK now!