Buakaw may be willing to do MMA

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Although Muay Thai legend Buakaw Por. Pramuk retired earlier this month, he has been photographed practicing BJJ, and in a January Thai language interview, indicated he would be willing to compete in the USA in MMA (see video at bottom)

Buakaw is currently mired in legal proceedings after he left his long-time camp Por Pramuk, citing grossly unfair pay, among other concerns. Competing in MMA could be a way to keep fighting, while avoiding contractual engagements with his former camp.

(7:20 mark)


Kickboxing and Muay Thai legend Buakaw Por. Pramuk has officially announced his retirement.

The two time K-1 MAX champion has been dealing with an increasingly ugly legal situation lately. Earlier this year, he split from his long time team at Por Pramuk gym amidst allegations of the gym forcing Buakaw into fights he did not want and taking the majority of his earnings over the years. Since that split, Buakaw has been training interdependently and fought once under the name Buakaw Banchamek, but has also been dealing with legal action from his former camp. Now, with the two sides unable to come to terms, Buakaw has decided to retire.

One of the best K-1 fighters of all time, Buakaw had a decorated Muay Thai career before coming to K-1 in 2004. He won the K-1 MAX Grand Prix in his first year fighting for the organization, and then claimed a 2nd GP crown in 2006. In the 8 years since his K-1 debut, Buakaw has only lost 6 fights, and ends his career on a 16 fight win streak.

There’s no doubt his career was winding down, but it’s a shame to see it end in such a legal mess, and unfortunate that the great fighter could not receive a proper send-off.