Burkman: Fitch submission ‘highlight of my career’

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At the third World Series of Fighting event, Josh Burkman rocked Jon Fitch early and then choked him unconscious, ending the bout only forty-one seconds into the first round. It was the most impressively anybody had ever beating the long time UFC veteran and a moment that thus far has been the highlight of Burkman’s career:

“I felt him make one last-ditch effort to get out of it, and when he did that, right after he got done, I tightened it and I felt him go limp,” Burkman said. “I knew he was out. I double-checked. For me, I just wanted to let everyone know the fight was over because I knew that nobody knew yet — especially if the referee is still standing up over you.” 

The point of a submission choke is to prevent sufficient blood from reaching the brain, which induces it to shut down critical functions. Referees are supposed be aware of this and watch closely, because the longer a brain goes without blood, the likelier it is to be traumatized. Mazzagatti didn’t move to separate the welterweights, so Burkman released, rolled Fitch off him and stood with a loud exhale. 

“I don’t think there’s anything quite like a knockout,” Burkman said. “But there’s something about this choke that’s the highlight of my career. I was glad the referee didn’t step in and I was able to get up and celebrate the way I wanted to. As a fighter and mixed martial artist, you’re trying to prove you can stop a guy, that your style of fighting is better than theirs. And any time you can put another person out cold, then you have definitively proved you were the better man on that day.” 

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