Bustamante vs. Menne II could be Murilo’s last

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It’s been 10 years since Murilo Bustamante defeated Dave Menne to become the second UFC middleweight champion.

Two years removed from his last fight, Bustamante will return to action to once again face Menne, this time as part of Amazon Forest Combat 2 in his native Brazil.

“I was supposed to fight in October 2010 in Sweden for Superior FC and in Clube Da Luta in Brazil in July 2011, but I got injuries in both cases,” said Bustamante. “I didn’t give up the (will to) fight or retire, I just couldn’t fight because of injuries I had.

“My training is going very well, and I am being very careful to not get any kind of injury in this camp.”

“Probably this will be my last year in the cage and my goal is to fight in Brazil and Rio, my city, where everything started a long time ago.

“I will always do what I do: Training my fighters and living my life in the sport; teaching, managing and helping my fighters. The chance to be in the cage will make me a better coach for my students and fighters.”

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