Campuzano taking girl to dinner with 10k bonus from WEC 46

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fighting in the evening’s very first bout at “WEC 46: Varner vs. Henderson” earlier this month, WEC bantamweight Will Campuzano had to wait several hours to find out his rousing unanimous-decision win over Coty “Ox” Wheeler had been named the evening’s “Fight of the Night.”

But after making just $6,000 for the fight, it was certainly worth the wait to learn he was being given another $10,000 for the award.

But despite the influx of cash, Campuzano recently told ( for The Dallas Morning News that he only has one small plan for the cash.

“I’m taking my girl out to dinner,” Campuzano said. “That’s all I got for right now.”

It’s a response that should perhaps be expected. The even-keeled brawler showed almost no emotion in the cage on fight night, even as the action-packed bout unfolded.

“That’s typical of the way I fight,” Campuzano said. “One promoter I used to fight for said I always look bored in there.”

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