Campuzano weigh-in not like the others

Saturday, November 16, 2013

UFC weigh-ins are generally straight-forward with the exception of a spectacle by Tom Lawlor every now and then, but the UFC 167 weigh-in had one of the more interesting:

When the two fighters approached one another for their stare down picture, Campuzano looked particularly aroused. That is right, it looks like he is standing there with an erection in front of a whole arena full of people, not to mention the others watching at home.

Some fighters put their clothes back on, or their pants at least before taking the picture, like Georges St-Pierre did. I bet Campuzano will do that from now on. There could be something behind him, or something that is creating an optical illusion. But for now it looks like Campuzano was aroused. In his defense the ring girls were standing there on stage. Still, that should make for an interesting fight.

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UFC 167: The weigh-in