Carano: I would love to be part of WMMA now

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Speaking of competition, do you ever think of getting back in the ring?

“I am always training, because I love it. But I would have to train specifically with a fight in my mind. That hasn’t entered my mind yet. I’m just preoccupied with my next project. I want to grow in this space. It’s really challenging for me. It’s attractive to me. Not like fighting isn’t. But it’s emotionally painful to act. You want to get better even after people smash you down. You want to be better than you were before.”

Do you think you were ahead of your time? Now female mixed martial arts is really coming into its own with the arrival of superstar Ronda Rousey.

“I love what’s happening now. I love that Ronda came along and revamped the sport, and she brought it back. It broke my heart when it fell apart a few years ago. It was kind of hard when I was fighting, because people were saying, ‘Who are you going to fight now? What are you going to do now?’ I would love to be a part of it now. When I watch UFC, it’s still my dream to fight. I’m so happy that it’s happening for the women. I feel like I was a part of the beginning of it.”

You’ve always tried to stay in shape, and now you’re working with Under Armour on a project for women called “What’s Beautiful.” What does that mean for you to inspire women to get into shape?

“We’re all given gifts. You shouldn’t be greedy. You should feel good about yourself and not be greedy of what other people have. It’s a constant battle for everybody, but you need to be happy with yourself.”

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