Carmouche: ‘Room for surprises” vs. Rousey

Saturday, February 23, 2013

In the inaugural UFC fight card featuring women Saturday night, the role of superstar/bombshell/remorseless arm-breaker is played by Ronda Rousey, who has posed nude for ESPN, made fun of Michael Phelps on YouTube, talked to Conan O’Brien on national TV about having sex before fights, and won all six of her MMA fights in the first round.

The role of hapless victim goes to Liz Carmouche.

Carmouche, soft-spoken outside the cage but hard-charging in it, is fine with being the 12-to-1 underdog heading into the historic bout.

“I like being the underdog,” she says. “It leaves room for surprises.”

She has been completely respectful to Rousey during the promotion of the fight, and Rousey has found herself wanting to be friends with Carmouche.

“To be honest,” Rousey says, “I actually try to talk to her as little as possible because the more I talk to her, the more I like her.”

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Rousey may like Carmouche, but she doesn’t see any room for surprise.

“It’s fun, but I’m going to sit back and enjoy it after I win,” said Rousey with supreme confidence. “I was expecting it to be a chaotic, circus kind of thing. It met those expectations and a little bit more, but there’s no amount of media, there’s no loss of sleep, there’s nothing that can really save Liz Carmouche from losing to me.”

That said, anything can happen in this sport, which is why you have the fight. What surprises could happen Saturday night?