Carwin amongst pros giving UFC 119 picks

Thursday, September 23, 2010

From:  Elvis
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Man this is a tough call. Both guys have the ability to end a match violently, Mir with bone crunching subs and Cro Cop with heading smashing KOs. The thing is both have been inconsistent as of late. Both guys are also tailor made for each other and in their primes it would have been an even harder match to pick. Will Mir rip off one of Cro Cops limbs or will Cro Cop kick Mirs head out of the cage.

If Mir is smart he will punch his way in and push Cro Cop up against the cage then take him down and work for a sub. One of Cro Cops weaknesses has been working off the cage. If Mir can get Cro Cop on his back he has a very good chance to GnP to setup a sub. If he can’t take Cro Cop down he’s still very dangerous off his back and has the ability to pull guard and submit Cro Cop.

Cro Cop on the other hand has a great sprawl, though generally his best defence is against guys who shoot on him. If Mir Shoots on him he will be in trouble. The other problem could come if Mir really believes his stand up is on the same level as Cro Cop. If he gets into a standup exchange he could very well end up asleep.

Both guys seem to have a pre fight lose excuse. Mir said he’s not training for Cro Cop and Cro Cop has been poked in the eye and is blinded to what Mir can do to him.

The question in the end is can Cro Cop keep it standing or can Mir get it on the ground. With recent performances I am leaning towards Mir. His biggest problem has been dealing with larger Wrestlers which Cro Cop is not. Cro Cop has not had the same performances in the Cage he did earlier in his career in the Ring. The Cro Cop of old was a formidable opponent to stand across from. He demolished all who Stood before him, until he stepped into the UFC cage. I think Mir is too big and too exprerienced in the Cag. I am a fan of Crop Cop and will cheer for him but as long as Mir doesn not try and become a kickboxer I think this match will most likely go to him via Submission. I just can’t see this match going to decision. I just hope they both come out guns firing and put on a great match.

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From:  Shane Carwin
Posted: 21 minutes ago
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I have a soft spot for Cro-Cop too but I think Mir will be too much.

My picks:

Stephens, Sherk, Serra, Nog, Mir

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