Carwin camp explains appearance on court PED list

Thursday, November 08, 2012

In 2010, J. Michael Bennett, a Mobile, Alabama pharmacist was sentenced to four years in prison for illegally distributing some 762,388 dosages of Performance Enhancing Drugs to doctors and clinics nationwide during April 4, 2004, until Aug. 30, 2006.

Prosecutors referred to Bennett, pictured above, as a “drug dealer in a lab coat.” They contended that Bennett played a key role in an enterprise involving rogue doctors and health clinics across the country, who used the compounding pharmacy Applied Pharmacy Services to supply healthy adults with dangerous steroids.

The PEDs ended up in the hands of users ranging from professional athletes to teenagers.

Court documents cited by name or initials a large number of professional athletes and wrestlers including “Hardcore” Holly, Kurt Angle, and Shane Carwin, as having obtained steroids from Applied Pharmacy Services during the time Bennett worked there.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Donna Dobbins pointed to testimony from about a half-dozen people who described side effects ranging from an intense burning feeling on their flesh, to shrinkage of their testicles, to depression, to quarter-sized acne on their backs.

Dobbins said users “suffered severe — in some cases permanent — side effects.”

Some member of the MMA media have called for Carwin to explain the appearance on his name on the list. The issue was heightened by calls from Roy Nelson for VADA testing ahead of their showdown at the TUF 16 Finale.

Now Carwin’s manager Jason Genet responds.

The crazy thing about Shane and all of this Bloody Elbow mess is they always seem to be targeting him or me, a lot of that stems from conversations Jonathan Snowden and I were having about some other issues. They are the only outlet I reached out to because they had really laid off on him and had overturned their staff. Then their headline says, “Shane & Roy Agree to VADA Testing.”

I emailed one of their writers and said this is why we have a problem with VADA. People were getting their information wrong and this is before I had even heard from VADA. I explained to them in great detail, according to Brent Brookhouse, I wrote a total of 12 paragraphs. The reason why it was so long is because they have a history of getting things wrong when it comes to Shane.

I understand the PR dilemma that comes with the 2010 Applied Pharmacy case out of Alabama. There are times when athletes aren’t allowed to tell their story regardless if sources have it right or wrong. Sometimes you are in a partnership with people and you have to defer judgment to them no matter what is being said about you. The people associated with that Endeavour (Applied Pharmacy) are victims, they aren’t co-conspirators and they are not even witnesses.

In a post Barry Bonds/Mark McGwire era does anyone think a report of that magnitude could come out that listed 12 MLB players and not one served a suspension? There were NHL players, wrestlers (Kurt Angle) and Shane was also on there. None of the commissions ever got involved. If being on this list is such a problem for Roy then why did he try and have Kurt Angle serve as one of his coaches on TUF?

I will venture to say that all of the athletes who were on that list were never even interviewed. Shane was never interviewed by any investigator, but when you have a case in which a lot of government money is involved it’s important for them to make a big deal about winning and how they won. They spent a lot of money bringing this pharmacy down.

Essentially the way it all worked and I’m not 100% factual about all of it, but as Shane explained it to me, there is parent hub pharmacy which was Applied Pharmacy Services in Alabama. They were selling franchises to doctors and business people in other areas, Greeley, Co was one of those areas, and that’s where Shane lives. A sheriff and a doctor from Greeley set up this affiliate. 4,400 people from Greeley heard about the miraculous, wonderful things this clinic was doing.

The patients who were participating in this are guilty of being vain, thinking there is some type of scientific drug that is legal and will help you get younger and healthier faster than anything else available. Patients would go and visit these clinics and they would send you back to your physician and explain what type of blood work was required and you’re doctor would either agree with their assessment or he wouldn’t.

In Shane’s case the doctors were receiving incentives from these clinics and that is why they lost their licenses. They knew that these prescriptions weren’t legitimate and there was no way that so many people were in need of the same medications. They failed in their oath and Shane’s doctor was one of those physicians. Although it said that S.C. received HGH and other substances it doesn’t mean it arrived like that, it was packaged differently. They duped these people into believing they were taking legitimate drugs yet some of the substances aren’t legal to give to human beings.

That’s why doctors not only lost their licenses; they got arrested and went to jail. The government raided their offices and they have the records of all the patients treated at these clinics. There was not one patient charged in this case. It was just a bunch of people going into a doctor to get a shot of B-12 and then being shot up with HGH without their consent or their knowledge. Shane wasn’t even set on MMA as his career at that time.

Shane was thinking about becoming a body builder and was hanging around with Ron Waterman and a group of other guys and they called themselves The God Squad. It was a bunch of ripped dudes who would talk about Christianity and they would rip the local yellow pages in half on radio shows. Their goal was to talk about faith and I can’t say Shane took anything that was sent to him, but I would assume everyone took something that they received. Shane had stopped being a patient long before the raid ever went down.

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