Carwin on Nelson: It’s hard to like a backstabber

Saturday, October 20, 2012

“I just hate the guy,” said Shane Carwin of Roy Nelson to Radio. “I’ll fight him in the street. I don’t care. … It’s hard to like a backstabber.”

“He’s a bulls—-er. ‘I’ll stab you in the back when you’re not near me, but when you’re near me, let’s shake hands and talk about UFC contracts and try to throw them under the table,’ – the same type of bulls— he always does. I just wasn’t up for it. I didn’t want to talk to the guy. I don’t like him.”

“They show all the drama in the house. They really don’t show the training. Have you seen much training? No. You’ve maybe seen, what, five minutes of it in all the episodes? What they’re not showing is that there’s a lot of things I do to help these guys.

“I bring in coaches that are professionals at those positions: the boxing, the kickboxing, the wrestling, the strength and conditioning. I brought in a strength and conditioning coach that was Missy Franklin’s strength and conditioning coach. That hasn’t been expressed on the show. I don’t think [Nelson] even had a strength and conditioning coach. I don’t even know if he knows what strength and conditioning is.”

“I am working on their mental game. I’m probably working on the most important part of their game in that house the whole time. That’s what I worked on with these guys. That’s what I focused on with my part with them and to make sure that I structured the practices with the coaches. I walk around, I see what the guys need, and then I address that to the coaches after practice so we can work on it the next time.”

“When they called me, I was hesitant to take this because those eight kids, their lives depend on me and me coaching them and giving them the opportunity to live their dream. That’s very serious. This isn’t some bulls— position that I can go joke off or jack off or do whatever I want to do on there. This is very serious. This is a professional part to me.

“If I can help affect these guys and give them the ability to fight in the UFC and live their dreams, then that’s doing your job. It’s not boosting my ego. I could care less how people perceive me. My job is to those eight guys. You go and talk to those eight guys, and you ask them how it went for them.”

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