Cat Zingano’s husband recalls elbow incident

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cat Zingano recently related an incident in which she says she was intentionally elbowed in the head by Miesha Tate’s boyfriend, UFC fighter Bryan Caraway, during the weigh ins for The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale last month.

Cat Zingano’s husband Mauricio corroborated Cat’s remarks in an interview with the UG’s own Jack Brown.

Zingano, owner and head coach at Team Zingano – Black House MMA, in Colorado, is also the husband and coach of Cat Zingano, the number-one contender for the UFC’s women’s bantamweight championship.  Please enjoy the conversation below.

Jack Brown: In the last few days, there has been a bit of a supernova of behind-the-scenes MMA drama.  Perhaps the intensity was due to the vacuum created by the lack of live fights recently.  Or maybe it should be attributed to the nature of the personalities involved (Dana White, Nate Diaz, and the UFC’s first couple, Miesha and Bryan).  Whatever the case, it started with Pat Healy and marijuana metabolites, and it resulted in the exposure of a story that somehow many of us missed.  What exactly happened with Caraway’s elbow prior to your wife, Cat, and his girlfriend, Miesha’s, fight at TUF 17? 

Mauricio Zingano: He walked passed her while she was sitting down during weigh-ins and popped her in the back of the head with an elbow.  He had plenty of room to walk through, but somehow he managed to walk right by her and do that.  After, Bryan and Miesha were smirking and making remarks like, “Look how mad Cat is,” at weigh-ins. 

JB: You are highly respected within the martial arts community, as a BJJ practitioner and instructor who was trained directly by Grand Master Helio Gracie as well as his sons.  How did Caraway’s behavior affect you as a martial artist?  How did it affect you as a husband?

MZ: I was f@$%ing pissed, still am.  The guy is a punk.

JB: Given the incident, what was the experience of the fight, and then the victory, like for you, Cat, and your family and friends?

MZ: It was awesome.  The finish with the elbow was pretty sweet given the circumstances.  The incident did not spoil the fight, just fueled Cat even more. 

JB: Back when you and Cat first met, how long was it before you began imagining a future that involved her performing at such a high level?

MZ: I knew that she could reach the stars early on.  I told her that within the first few months of coaching her.

JB: Obviously, coaching TUF 18 is a huge opportunity for Cat’s career, but there is likely to be some disruption to your family and your school as well.  What do you see as the benefits and the costs of the next stage of Cat’s UFC career and her quest to be champion?

MZ: Our son will be out of school next week, so we are good.  No, man.  No disruption.  We are good to go!  The cost is losing some privacy, and all the added media obligations and such, but the reward is an incredible opportunity.

JB: Last question, Mauricio, and thanks for taking the time to do this.  While Cat is pursuing her dreams and you continue to support her and share in those dreams, what are the other plans and goals that you do not want to lose sight of?

MZ: Man, I always have and always will stay focused on my students.  We have other up-and-coming fighters, and also the growth of our students, to stay focused on.

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Mauricio also posted his version of the incident on his blog.

Ok, Bryan Caraway situation:

Yes, it did happen.

And yes, it has been talked about it in the past, look on the “underground”, that was even a post or reply by Ray Elbe saying something about last month.

Cat Zingano didn’t seek out Bloody Elbow to tell a story and has nothing to gain for “making it up”, that’s pretty ignorant to even think or say that.

I was talking to them (bloody elbow) about her signing with Black House and the conversation came up. They asked to speak to Josh Ford who was with her and saw the whole thing; he told them the same thing.

Bryan is a douch bag, period. Cat has absolutely no reason to make some dumb story up, she already put Meisha away. so Bryan Tate trying to say “why only now she is saying something” is simply silly.

Like I said, It was talked about it in the past it just kind went unnoticed and now it caught peoples attention.

Because she opted to not make a stink about it it doesn’t make it false. Bloody Elbow asked ME to tell them what had happened, they confirmed it with Josh and Leister and I asked her to give them a quote about what had happened, of course she did since it was in fact, what had happened.

I said something because I think the guy is a total dirt bag and I’m way more confrontational.

I’m here waiting, would love to see him come elbow me in the head.

Anyhow, another issue with all of this is that because someone dosen’t say something right then and there it does not mean its a lie. If your child gets bullied in school and waits a month to say something for whatever reason, does it become a lie?

At the UFC we asked Cat if she wanted to complain to the UFC about it, she said “no, I’ll take it out on his girlfriend tomorrow”, which she did…..

Cat didn’t “throw the first elbow”, but she sure as hell threw the last!

– Mauricio Hostile Zingano

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