Center mass shots stop murder suspect/MMA fighter

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cage fighter, meth manufacturer and ex-con Denny Phillips was a suspect in the slaughter of four people and two unborn babies. As we told you back in November, a man and three women  were killed execution-style in an Oklahoma City house, then set on fire. ?Among the dead was a pregnant Brooke Phillips, who appeared in HBO’s Cathouse series, a reality show about a Nevada brothel.

Police believe the slayings were result of a drug beef, and have arrested cagefighter David Allen Tyner, who served as a bodyguard for suspected dope dealer Casey Barrientos. But police also believe that Denny Phillips was involved. He worked the the minor league cagefighting circuit in Oklahoma with Tyner, though he’s not believed to be related to Brooke Phillips.

Yet it seems Denny Phillips couldn’t keep himself out of trouble, even with a six-count murder problem hanging over his head. On April 21, the moron was allegedly involved in burglarizing the home of Tulsa homicide detective Mike Huff. The bad guys stole guns, police badges, family heirlooms and a Chevy pickup.

Since police get particularly pissed when you steal from one of their own, let’s just say this case didn’t quickly find its way to the inactive file. Tulsa police traced Phillips to a Motel 6. When they stormed his room, he bolted down a breezeway, then pulled a gun from under his hat and turned toward the officers.

Phillips was shot twice in the lower body. He’s now in serious condition at a Tulsa hospital.

A retired Tulsa cop said officers purposely fire low to avoid hurting anyone else, and blew off his balls and part of his penis…

“Just to clear up a few things that are reported incorrectly. First of all Phillips was shot by two Tulsa Police Detectives, no SWAT team was involved.

“The reason the shots were low was due to the fact Phillips was standing in front of a large window. The two detectives shot low to prevent any possible injury to innocent citizens.

“Actually the low shots were pretty effective, half of Phillips penis was removed along with both testicles. I am a retired 30 year member of TPD. I am proud to say the guys involved did a wonderful job getting this evil person off the streets.”

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