Cerrone: Danzig’s a p—y, Miller a little b—h

Thursday, June 09, 2011

“Whatever your reason is for pulling out of the fight is, now you just put a target for me to come and get you. You want to talk s–t and now you get the fight and you get scared and want to pull out? P—y. That’s how I feel about that,” Cerrone said about Danzig.

His longstanding feud with fellow lightweight Cole Miller still permeates his mind as well. According to Cerrone, when Danzig first fell out of the fight, the UFC offered the bout to Cole Miller but he wasn’t able to be ready in time.

“They tried calling Cole and he said he was injured, too. That little b—h don’t want to fight either,” Cerrone said. “I’ll just keep talking s–t and someone will step up, right?”

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