Cerrone: UFC extreme-sports restrictions ‘suck’

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Professional Bull Riders tour finals hit Las Vegas this week, giving Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone an opportuntity to discuss the UFC prohibition on unsafe activities.

“That would be some serious s—,” he said. “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to get on one of those bulls. The answer is 100% no, I’m sure, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, you know?”

The answer was already no, in fact. Cerrone’s request hadn’t hung in the air for more than a second before a chorus of PR officials from the tour and UFC shot it down. “Bad idea,” they said, in so many words.

“I think we should be able to live our life how we want to live it,” responded Cerrone. “On their side (it’s), ‘We have a fight scheduled.’ And I understand that we shouldn’t be doing those things because we obligate ourselves to fighting and we’ve got to show up on the day that we’re going to be there.”

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