Cerrone to drop to featherweight after 21st fight with UFC/WEC

Monday, October 28, 2013

Donald Cerrone has fought ten bouts in the UFC and ten bouts before that in the WEC, all in the lightweight division. Cerrone has been a top ten lightweight in his whole career, but has never quite made it to a title fight, however he hopes a drop to featherweight might be a new start for his career:

“I just think I can really dominate down there,” said Cerrone. “Most people lose a lot of fights and they run down. I’m going to go to 145 after a win and see. I’ll still be at 55, though, I’ll play back-and-forth. Why not? Go get the belt.”

“[145 pounds] is going to be a lifestyle change,” Cerrone admitted. “No more Bud Light and Budweiser’s. No more eating random food. No more late nights with Dave Sholler eating at Wendy’s. Those are all things that are going to have to change.”

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