Cesar Gracie: We’re going to see Anderson Silva start to lose fights

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cesar Gracie recently appeared on BJPenn Radio last week, for a wide-ranging discussion, that included Anderson Silva and Ronda Rousey.

There has never been a fight in memory that generated as much talk as Anderson Silva losing to Chris Weidman, and Gracie says Silva will lose again.

“I really think it’s like a passing of the torch,” said Cesar. “I really do. Weidman is a really tough guy. He’s got all kinds of skills. Good jiu-jitsu guy, credible wrestler, and hits really hard.”

“[Silva] doesn’t have the chin he use to. He thinks he can get away with the games he played, but you get an aggressive guy on him that’s going to hit him hard, he’s gonna go down, and that’s what happened.”

“It is possible for him to win this rematch, but all-in-all we’re gonna see him start to lose fights I think, and start to be a lot more human than he has been in the past.”

Gracie also had interesting insight into Ronda Rousey, who has trained at his academy in the past.

“Ronda was, honestly, one of the first females that I have seen in my life that can tap-out guys,” said Cesar. “And I’m talking about good guys. She’s that explosive, she’s that good. And her commitment, being an Olympic-level athlete and everything, the way she just does stuff. She taps out really good guys. She definitely showed me that women can not only be exciting in fights with other women, but also that they can compete with the guys even.”

“Women like that kind of said, ‘ok, these girls belong here.’”

Cesar was asked if he expects the outcome to be the same in the Miesha Tate rematch, following the latest seasin of TUF.

“I think for Meisha to stop something like that she would have to just train with some seriously world class men who are arm-bar specialists and for her to not get caught up in that,” said Cesar. “The thing with Ronda, believe it or not, her standup has gotten a lot better also. She’s sparring a lot. She’s put that dedication, the same dedication that she had for the grappling part, and she’s putting that into her standup game. And so she’s actually doing pretty well. I’ve seen her sparring with people and she’s come a long way. So she’s going to have more than that threat coming into this fight.”

“What I don’t want to see is Meisha have her arm torn off again. I just don’t want to see that. I want to see a ref that doesn’t allow that to happen because people don’t understand; you can lose your arm with an injury like that… Could you imagine what that would do to a sport?”

“There’s definitely things that Ronda has done incorrectly in the past and that’s giving her back up a couple times, but I’m sure she’s going to address that and get a little better.”

“I’m kind of seeing that fight as going Ronda’s way again.”

What do you think UG? Is Silva going to be human going forward? And how good a guy can Ronda tap out?