Cesar Gracie throws ‘sissy face’ Caio Terra off the team

Sunday, November 18, 2012

“@jakeshieldsajj @GilbertMelendez @nickdiaz209 @NateDiaz209 @caioterrabjj @graciemag_br Caio Terra is no longer affiliated with our academy,” bluntly announced Cesar Gracie, via Twitter.

It turns out Carlos Condit had hired Team Cesar Gracie member Caio Terra to help hone his Jiu-Jitsu skills in preparation for Saturday’s title fight with Georges St-Pierre.

Gracie’s sense of loyalty is such that he became incensed when somene from his team trains someone who fought someone from his team. Carlos Condit beat Cesar Gracie protege Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in February, and the two may fight again at some point.

“OK we all saw that someone from our team got a camera and a few bucks put in their face and decided to show his true colors and stab his team mates in the back, said Gracie via Facebook.

“No worries, that person is gone for good and I can’t be happier. That person would also be wise not to show his sissy little face around here again.”

Gracie brought Terra to the US in 2007 teach, after he had established himself in Brazil as a top black belt and trainer. Terra now has his own academy and association in San Jose, so it is not clear what prectical effect the ban will have, beyond a lot of mean mugging when his name is mentioned.