Chael Sonnen plans to drop to middleweight after Shogun fight

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On this week’s UFC Tonight, Chael Sonnen revealed details about a new contract and training camp, and Sonnen and Kenny Florian made predictions for this weekend’s FOX UFC SATURDAY: JOHNSON VS. MORAGA.

“I’ll return to middleweight after beating Shogun,” said Sonnen. “There’re two guys I want to get matched up with: Vitor Belfort, because he’s awesome and he’s on an incredible roll. And Wanderlei Silva, who I’ve heard is going back to middleweight. The landscape has completely changed. I’ve got a new contract and I’m returning to the weight class.”

“I’ve moved to Southern California and am training at Reign with Mark Munoz. My new contract, which is a five-fight deal, was finalized today.”

Both Sonnen and Florian liked Johnson over Moraga.

“I’ve got Demetrious to win, but Moraga is the right guy for the job,” said Chael. “He’s got one way to win the fight, if he can control the range, but it might be tough to do in 25 minutes.”

Florian concurred.

“Demetrious wins this one,” said Kenny. “His pace will be too hard to match.”

The duo split over Jake Elenberger vs. Rory MacDonald.

“This is a dog fight,” said Chael. “MacDonald is better, but Ellenberger is going to catch him. This is the fight of the night. This is my main event.”

Floran went for the Canadian.

“Rory will dictate where the fight goes, dictate the range, because he’s the taller, rangier fighter,” said Florian. “He gets the job done.”