Chael Sonnen wants Anderson Silva on his TUF Brazil staff

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva are going to be coaching against each other on the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil.

Given Chael’s record of talking trash by trashing Brazil, a wag on the UG created Sonnen’s jersey for TUF Brazil:

Wanderlei Silva recently brought it up a notch higher still, suggesting that Chael coach a team of Americans in Brazil, vs. a Brazilian Wand-led team.

“Now it’s official,” posted Wand on his Facebook page. “I will be responsible for representing our country, and yes I will make him pay for everything he said about us, I really need help and support you in this our new battle yesterday asked Dana to do a show USA BRAZIL you, he chooses the fighters he thinks are the best of the best uses I choose here in Brazil, it makes no sense to be Coach of fighters here, + I want to pick the fighters here, let’s make a pressure boss there, blow a Twitter asking him to be so, and once again count on you brother (a) their fans, their strength, thank you for always and in all situations you’re with me!!”

In a recent interview, Chael said he is game.

“I like it,” Sonnen told “Let’s make sure we’re clear here. Wanderlei Silva lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. I live in West Linn, Oregon. Neither of us are from Brazil. The first chance he had to leave his countrymen, he did. He owns a business in America. He pays taxes to America. He enrolled his kids into an American school system. And he has contributed a grand total of zero dollars to Brazil, to any Brazilian charity. And there is no Brazilian charity that will defend him and come forward and say otherwise. He left that country. He was robbed, the last time he went to that country, at gunpoint – that is also on the record. So they’re bringing in two outside guys.”

“Anderson Silva was one of my first thoughts to ask. And again, that wouldn’t be for me or Anderson. That would be for the young men who are kicking and clawing and trying to get into the UFC. I think his knowledge of the sport is tremendous, but also his ability to communicate in a Portuguese atmosphere would be very helpful.

“I think he’s got a relationship with Wanderlei, so it’s probably not likely. But that doesn’t mean I won’t reach out.”

What do you think UG? How likely is Anderson Silva helping to coach a US team in Brazil, against a Brazilian team?