Chang Sung Jung’s manager is upset

Friday, March 30, 2012
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Chang Sung Jung’s manager is upset with the t-shirt company TriCoasta (via facebook)

I’m saying it now… F*CK Tri-Coasta! They’ve been screwing the Korean Zombie for over a year now and we’re not taking it anymore. Stay tuned for the full story…

It’s going to feel a whole lot better when everyone knows the whole fucked up story!

We’ll make the story public soon.

Within a couple of days at the latest…

We appreciate the fans wanting to support KZ! It just sucks that Tri-Coasta took advantage of us.

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Tri-Coasta responds

From: TriCoastaMMA
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Please have the courtesy to hear my side of the story. I will have an official release as well.

Thanks for the posters who stuck up for me on here. I’ve met some amazing people through MMA.. but unfortunately not all of them can be gems.


From: FUTA WON(c)
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I know Michelle very well and I just wanted to know if Shug would post his side. Michelle is a great person and I think its just a big misunderstanding. Hopefully they get it sorted out. Like I said Tri-Coastal is a great company hat helps a lot of fighters.

From: Shug
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We will be making the whole story public very soon (within a day or two). Sorry to keep you all hanging!

I’m fascinated to hear what Michelle has to say… Michelle, keep in mind that I have copies of our past e-mail when you tell your side of the story.

I will tell you all this. Chan Sung is owed tens of thousands of dollars by Tri-Coasta. This has been going on for over a year now… Meanwhile, they continue to sponsor other fighters (as recently as a few weeks ago), and they haven’t even attempted to make any sort of payment to us in over 6 months. They’ve lied to us, avoided us and cheated us.

Chan Sung has desparately wanted to speak out about this, but I urged him not to, because I, too, thought that Michelle would come through. But ultimately, that has not been the case.

Actually, I was the one who introduced Michelle to Ted (the original owner of Tri-Coasta and desiger of the KZ shirts). I thought that she would be able to give the company the stability that it needed at the time. For the people who are saying that there is no way that Michelle would screw KZ over… That’s what I thought, too. I was wrong.

Anyway, like I said, the whole story is coming soon…

Korean Top Team

From: Shug
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I didn’t mean to imply that Chan Sung has received NO money from Tri-Coasta. He has been paid, but the amount that he’s owed is far larger than what he’s been paid.

From: frontrowbrian
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Michele is a nice, honest person who is in this shitty industry with the best of intentions ….. to the best of my knowledge.

KZ’s manager has a reputation as a hot head …. once offered to buy back every KZ shirt from fans who said he was overrated when Roop KO’ed him. Like 5 fans said something and he goes online and plays drama queen like the entire MMA community was disparaging KZ.

I’d let this play out. Hear both sides.

From: Shug
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I did, in fact, make that offer. Not out of hotheadedness, though. After the Roop fight, some people had commented that they wish they hadn’t bought the KZ shirt, so I, in complete calmness, stated that I would buy back shirts from anyone who wanted to return them. I absolutely would have, too. I know it wouldn’t have been a lot of people, but if they really didn’t want to rep KZ because of the loss, I would have given their money back and proudly worn the shirts myself or sold them to other people who would have.

I recall someone saying that I was being a drama queen back then, too. Maybe it was you? If so, I didn’t really understand the comment then, nor do I now. If I was just pissed off and didn’t think it through, then hundreds of people actually wanted their money back, I would have been screwed. That would have been a hotheaded mistake. At the time, I rationally figured not people actually would want their money back, so why not make the offer and appease a few fairweather fans?

Throughout this affair with Tri-Coasta we’ve (including myself) have been more than patient waiting for payment to be made. I have an e-mail where Michelle herself states as much. But, enough is enough.

Frontrowbrian, how long would you wait to say something if someone owed you a lot of money, meanwhile continuing to make money off of your name and paying other people, but not you, in the process?

To be continued…

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