Chiappetta: RYU lost $10 mil, gross was under $1 mil

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The apparel and lifestyle brand Respect Your Universe (RYU) has left the MMA space, citing a lack of opportunity.

“That direct association with the sport and the UFC has ended. Endorsement deals with individual fighters and Ultimate Fighting Championship expired in December and will not be renewed,” said the new CEO of RYU. “The MMA community is a small market, even when I ran Sports Authority I didn’t want anything to do with MMA brands.  There’s not enough opportunity.”

Now MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiapetta reports that the company’s 2012 SEC filing report a staggering loss.

The apparel company RYU that just left the MMA biz reported in their 2012 SEC filings a $9.8 million loss, and only $848,000 in sales. Ouch.