Chinzo Machida predicts a knockout

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tatame: What do you expect from this rematch?

Chinzo Machida: We can’t predict the fight itself, but Lyoto is more prepared than the other time, more focused on the fight, stronger. We changed the concentration on training, we don’t let a lot of people around him in training anymore, thing that had no reason to happen. We separated his training, making him more focused.

How do you think it’s gonna be this fight?

I believe in a knockout by Lyoto, that’s why we’re looking at.

What did you think about the first fight?

I thought Lyoto won it, looked for the fight all the time, besides his characteristic is to counter attack. Shogun didn’t expose himself, he’s kicking Lyoto, but with few moments of definition. This rematch can start the same way, but I’m sure it’ll go a different way. Lyoto wasn’t very satisfied with the critics and Shogun wasn’t happy with the result either. It can put both to define the fight, but we’ll only know it at the fight time. Nobody wants to let it go to decision again.

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