Chocolate Al tees for sale to aid Miller fundraiser

Monday, November 28, 2011

CagePotato’s Mike Russell has an awesome tee to raise funds for UFC middleweight Dan Miller to aid in his son’s kidney transplant. Order HERE.

From: Mike Russell
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Just a heads up to those who missed the obscurely named thread on the subject.

Starting Sunday, November 27 until Sunday, December 4 we will be taking orders for a one of a kind Chocolate Al t-shirt.

If you don’t know who Al is, see this thread: If this doesn’t make you smile you have no soul…

All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go to Dan Miller’s son Danny Jr. who will undergo a kidney transplant in the coming months.

Josh J has generously donated his time and the printing costs for the shirts, which will go for $23 each with an estimated $14-17 (after factoroing in shipping, paypal fees and taxes) going directly to the Miller family.

Also, mdotbricks has offered to ship out all of the orders, which is a huge undertaking, especially if we get a decent response.

Last, but not least, mixedmartialfarts took the time to trace out and vecorize the original drawing, and did a fantastic job.

FYI, this is a pre-order. Once we get all of the orders in (in a week) they will be ordered, made and shipped out.

We’re hoping to have them to everyone by Christmas.

I’m setting up an email account to take the orders and will look after the appropriation of the money to cover the cost of the shirts and the shipping (approx. $6 each). Josh will post a copy of the invoice here and I will post the payment receipts as well as a copy of the money order we will be presenting to Dan and Kristin once all of the orders are sent out to keep everything transparent.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I have five kids and knock on wood only had one who was ever seriously ill. Abby (my now seven year old who did the “Chocolate Al” drawing) had a mystery ilness that baffled the docs and they treated it like it was meningitis or another infection they couldn’t get a handle on for a few weeks. We were so worried while she layed in that hospital bed crying in pain, wondering if it was something major and I remember how hard that was. I can’t imagine going through what Dan and Kristin are going through.

I broughy Abby into my office to explain what was going on with Danny and to ask her what she thought about donating her drawing to help him get better. Without batting an eye, she said, “I think that’s a great idea. That poor little guy. Imagine if that was Bella (our three year old).”

She considers herself a celebrity because of the attention she got from the original “Chocolate Al” thread, so she’s gotten more than her share of joy from her random journal entry.

Hopefully we can make a small dent in the Miller’s medical bills and take some of the stress out of Christmas.

BTW, I contacted the UFC about the wording on the original drawing but never got a reply, so we removed the word “UFC” from the shirt entirely to ensure everything is copyright free.

Order HERE.